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Green User Grade

NO.10351 | Date: 2019-04-23 21:48:38

Welcome to your new User Grade System! We promised that we are revamping
and making the User Grade System better than before and we plan to follow
through with what we have said!

We have indicated that we will be replacing the current User Grade System and
we will be properly compensating players for the change and we will still be
transferring the previous user points for the month of April. The points will, however
be initialized on May 1st. Please refer to this Table to know which Green User 
Grade you will be in.
AP/Class (Previous) – in April Green User Grade (2019/04)
Diamond G5 - Green User Point: 10500 Points
Platinum G4 - Green User Point: 9000 Points
Gold G3 - Green User Point: 7000 Points
Silver G2 - Green User Point: 6000 Points
Bronze G1 - Green User Point: 4500 Points

The Compensation for the User Grade Change will be as follows:
User AP Package Reward
Diamond + Platinum  Premium Card Sub Att Changer x10
Gold Card Sub Attribute Changer x20

Introducing the Green User System! The Green User System is our new User
Grade System. There is a new button locatable at the top of your screen to easily
go to the Green User Grade Section.

This is the Overview of your Green User Grade System. To Participate, you need
to click first on the Verify button, this immediately credits your account to G1.

Similar to the old User Grade System, you will also receive rewards and benefits
depending on the Level of your Grade.

Green  User Grade Grade Standards Grade Benefits
G5 10500 above
Green User G5 Package/Free Card Mover
Exclusive Shop's Free Purchase Coupon x1
3 Additional Card Moves
Ability to purchase All Star World Card Mover
Additional 2% on Mileage earned
Ability to purchase Effect/Item Ball outfits through the Exclusive Shop
G4 10499 - 7500 Green User G4 Package
Additional 2% on Mileage Earned
G3 7499 - 4500 Green User G3 Package
Additional 1% on Mileage Earned
Lucky Chance Activated
Green User Free Skill Slot (in development)
Exclusive Shop's Free Purchase Coupon x1
G2 4499 - 2500 Green User G2 Package
Skills purchaseable for free (in development)
Item Ball, Card Ball, Capsule Guarantee System (in development)
Participate in the Green User Campaign

Extra Benefits in Web Events

Click on the "Participate Green User Campaign" to get started! Your grade will
automatically reflect on the overview.

In order to increase your Grade Level, you need to complete quests which is
locateable beside the Benefits Tab.

You can check the contents of the package you receive for achieving the specific

Like the old User Grade System, we also are introducing a new item Shop for
the Green User Grade. You can buy Limited outfits here, even an Allstar World
Card Mover!

Curious about the X-Machina Set? Heres a preview!

An Event that was loved and requested by many is now easily available by
achieving Grade3 on the Green User Grade System! Lucky Chance is readily
available whenever you want to!

One of the most requested features in the Card Mover, additional Card Moves,
can be easily acquired by ranking up in the Green User System!

We hope you enjoy our new and improved User Grade System!