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Character DIY

NO.9228 | Date: 2019-01-16 15:27:16

Did you ever get a card drop on one of your characters that would be  perfect
for one of your other characters? Use the Card Mover!

The card mover is a unique item that can be bought at the shop that is used
in the Card Transfer Section in the Cards Tab to move cards.

Only cards of the Legendary rarity can be moved. As of the Mid-March Patch, All
Star Pro and World Cards can be moved. The Card Movers can be purchased at
the In-game Store or in the Card Transfer Tab.

The moving process is easy! Just select which card you want to move and
purchase a card mover on the tab and select which character you wish to
send the cards to. 

Please take note that you can only transfer your cards three times per month. If you
have used up all three chances, you will have to wait a month for the mover entries
to be replenished. This  chances of card moves are shared by ALL characters in the
account. So please be careful when moving cards!

We hope this guide helped you out!
Character Piece Creation System has been added to DIY!
Here are the things you should have for Character Piece Creation System!
1. Key (device secret pack)

2.Box (remote device)
 **Key (device secret pack) + Box (remote device) = Character Piece

How to acquire Key (device secret pack) + Box (remote device)?
Character Piece Creation System is divided into 2 categories!
1. Character Creation
 -This will allow you to create SPC coupon based on your selected character piece.
Here are the items that you have need:

Once you have enough key and Box, you may generate character piece.

Once you get a piece from the box, you may keep one of the pieces that you
would like to use and disassemble the pieces that are no longer needed into
little chips

This is where the disassembled chips are located. 

Each SPC teams have different Character rank, and each rank has
different required # of SPC in order to create a level 1 SPC coupon.
Character Rank SPC Team Required # of Chips
Legend Wild Rookies, Sentinels 2500
Rare Ace of Wulin,
Moonlight Creed,
Silver Fox
Magic Buzzer Beater, The West,
Naughty Kitties,
Noble,Black Lightning,
Team SLAM,
Prototype Team, Cold Eyes
Once you have the character piece you wish to acquire and you have enough
number of creating chips, you can now create Lv. 1 SPC Coupon! 
(Team Devil’s Door generating chips and Green Skull is currently not available) 

2.Enhance Character
The acquisition of enhancing character chips is similar to the generating
character chips.You open the Enhance Device with an Enhancing Device
Secret Pack to get enhancing character chips.
Unlike the generating devices, the character enhance chips also drops
enhance chips for regular non-spc characters. Like generating character
chips, you need to disassemble the acquired pieces that you do not anymore
need in the Get Chip tab of DIY.
How to Enhance

Firstly, a player needs the same enhance piece as his character, if the
character is an SPC, the user needs an enhance piece similar to the SPC.
The mismatched pieces will be grayed out and cannot be used when
enhancing while matching pieces will be highlighted.

Enhance Level Required Number of
Enhance Chips
Required Number of
Enhancing Piece
 1  1  300
 2  2 1000 
 3  4 2000
After a successful enhance, you can go to the Character Page in
the Enhance Tab, here you can allocate the points that you have received
from Enhancing and also the effects and patterns you have unlocked
based on the level of enhancing. 

Note: You can reset the Enhance Points as many times as you want without
needing a reset item.
You will also receive a custom badge indicating the level of your
enhancement when in the waiting court lobby