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GM Luxor's Small Gift Event

NO.10291 | Date: 2019-03-14 22:39:34

Event Period: 2019/03/20 00:00 ~ 2019/04/23 23:59 (PDT)

Keeping a close ear to our dear community's voices, we are have been made aware
of the overwhelming demand for the Green Skull SPC to be brought back. While
other players are asking for Green Skull Generating Pieces to be included in the
We have been deliberating on ways how to make the Green Skull SPC accessible to
our playerbase. We have concluded that we want to provide an avenue for our
players to be able to get their preferred Team Green Skull Characters without
breaching our 1-year rule of adding SPC Generating Pieces into the pool of
droppable Pieces in the DIY Feature. This means that a year should have passed
before a newly released SPC can be added to the pool of droppable Generating
Pieces in the Generating Device Packs. By this rule, Team Green Skull and Team
Devil's Door are not yet available in the Generating Device drop pool.
But! We cannot simply ignore how the community wants the Green Skull SPCs
badly! That is why we have decided to give out Generating Pieces of Green Skull
as a reward  for logging in from 2019/03/20 00:00 ~ 2019/04/23 23:59 (PDT)!
If they have successfully logged in on the dates mentioned, they will receive a
"Thomas Generating Piece" which can then be used to create a Team Green
Skull Coupon.

When users use this piece for creating a coupon in the DIY Tab, instead of only
receiving a coupon exclusive for Thomas, the coupon can be used to create
ANY Character from the Team Green Skull!

Please take note that the Generating Piece is of Magic rarity and thus only needs
a total of 200 Generating Chips to create!

Please take note the we are not yet adding the Green Skull Generating Pieces
in the Generating Device Pool. We will be officially adding the Green Skull
Generating Pieces in the Generating Device packs on or after June 2019.

Character DIY proving to be too complicated or too much for you? Check out
this [GM Guide] for details on how to use the feature!