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2024 Summer Season Update Roadmap

NO.18715 | Date: 2024-06-18 09:02:06

Hello from the Freestyle 2 Dev Team!

Summer 2024 is here, and we’re excited to bring you new content to
enjoy this season. 
We’re working hard to prepare a variety of new features
to make your summer even more fun.

We truly appreciate your love and support for Freestyle 2.

Since our update on June 5th (PDT), we’re thrilled to share
our Summer 2024 Roadmap with you.

Here are the main points of our Summer 2024 Roadmap:
June - Unlimit Jake / Establishing a foundation to reduce the power gap
between players through Parts Character Draft

- Add parts characters to basic characters, Upgrade character performance,
Game Changer Big Update with Special Express Event

- Summer Season 2 Big Update with Character Craft System and
Various Improvements

The Development Team will do its utmost to deliver the above content
in its best possible form.

Next, we will share the details of the Update with you.

We will begin with the June Update.

- Draft System: Parts Characters
The Draft System was revamped in June. 
You could now receive the Full Parts Character instead of a Draft Character. 
From Saru to Helena, a total of 11 Parts Characters were made available.


- Unlimit Jake
The Wild Rookies’ Jake has returned to FS2 with major upgrades.
Unlimit Jake is distributed to players through an Event. We hope you
look forward to meeting him!


Next is the July Update.

In July, many new features will be introduced under
the title "Patch Name: Game Changer."

- Character Performance Upgrade
A new system that allows you to upgrade Normal, Magic, and Rare Characters
will be added. 

Over the extended period that FS2 has been in service, many original characters
have become less practical due to changes in the meta. 

To address this issue, we have developed a system that enables you to
enhance your favorite characters.

We plan to make these upgrades easily accessible, so they will be available
simply by playing the game.

However, this system will replace the Growth Mode. Following the July Update,
Growth Mode will be removed from the game. 

The existing motions acquired through Growth Mode can still be used
without any changes. Additionally, we are improving the system to make
obtaining motions easier and more enjoyable.

Stay with us! you’re in for a treat!

- Game Changer - Express Event
July 10th! Game Changer Special Main Event will be held.
We promise you a thrilling gift that you have never experienced before.
Please look forward to it!

- Summer Balance Patch
A new balance patch will arrive for the Summer Season.
New skills will be added to the game, and balance adjustments will be made
to various positions and strategies.

We will continue to bring exciting changes to the meta with consistent
balance adjustments, starting from the Summer Season and extending
through the Winter Season.

- User Benefit Revamp
We are planning to revamp some fundamental aspects of FS2. 

We’re excited to share that you can now get SP Running, SP Stamina, and
other premium skills just by playing, with no payment needed!

The Green User Benefit will finally be updated, and new products
will be added to the Shop.

Additionally, a UI update in July will make the menu easier to navigate. 

We will provide further details regarding these adjustments in
an announcement after the July Patch.

- BZ+Regular Channel Merge
We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. 

To improve our matchmaking system, the first step we will take is to merge
the BZ and Regular channels. 

After the merge, it will operate as a Regular Channel. Various options will be
implemented to enhance the matchmaking experience. 

We hope this merge will allow our players to enjoy more quality games.

- Parts Character Distribution 
The “Game Changer” Update will allow you to create Parts Characters when
creating a character. 

We hope this update will enhance your gaming experience and deepen
your love for the game. 

However, this system will replace the Draft System. 

Following the July Update, the Draft System will be removed from the game,
and Parts Characters will also be removed from the Crystal Shop.

Lastly, let’s talk about August.

The second big update of the summer season is scheduled for August,
focusing on introducing new systems and events.

- Character Craft System
The existing character creation and enhancement systems will be completely
reorganized to make it easier to create and strengthen characters.

- Equipment System
The existing equipment system will be changed to a seasonal system. 
Equipment will reset and be rebalanced every season, making the process of
acquiring equipment more meaningful and rewarding.

- Summer Season Event
We are preparing a new event to wrap up the summer season.
The event will feature various rewards and plenty of enjoyment,
so we hope you look forward to it.

- 2nd New Item Update


Our 2024 SUMMER SEASON Roadmap ends here.

Our Developer Team is currently doing its best to incorporate your feedback and
brainstorm ideas to further enhance your gaming experience.

We are also very happy to share with you their plans for the summer.

We will do our utmost to ensure the promised content is added to the game in
due time.

Thank you!


~ Freestyle 2 Team