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[Freestyle 2 Developer's Note] July 2021 Update

NO.13642 | Date: 2021-07-21 00:45:40


Hello, this is Freestyle 2 Developer.

We have applied the July Balance Patch in our 7/21 Update.

We have shared our ballers regarding the Balance Patch and our direction

through the Dev’s Note before. and we would like to share the details that
will be applied to our Game.

[Freestyle 2, July Balance Patch]

1. Card Coefficient Downgrade

 -  Card Attribute coefficients in Game Play Logics will be downgraded in overall.

> Main Attribute, Sub Attribute, Combination Effects that affect all game plays will be downgraded.

  -  Coefficient Downgrade applies equally to all card attributes 

2. Mastery Update for each Position

- Mastery Tree composition adjustments

- All Positions’ 3 Trees of Masteries -> 2 Trees of Masteries
- Technical Shot Master Skill Drift Linked Timing Fake 5% Downgraded

- Full Speed Mastery Skill Efficiency Downgraded

- L Cut Default Speed and Upgrade Decreased.

- Upgrade Screen 2 Efficiency Decreased.

- PG Perfect Pass Upgrade Mastery Added / When a perfect pass received,
Block Avoidance Rate 25% added for 1.5 Seconds

- Drive In Jumper Success Rate slightly Decreased.
- Paint Zone Away Screen Move Efficiency Decreased
- Backroll Turn Master Ankle Break Activation Rate increased.

3. ISO Tactic Nerfed

The Update made to our Mastery system are the following:

- PF Hardy Distance Improve Feature Added

a. MAX distance for Dunk success rate downgrade increased

b. When in Beyond Screen Buff, moderates Hardy Distance

- Last Resistance

a. 100% Activation Applied to the positions except for BIGs

b. Added to the mastery for easier selection of the BIGs in the 'Last Resistance Upgrade' mastery than before

- Success Rate according to shooting distance for BIGs (C/PF/CT) has been adjusted

a. Success rate 5%~15% decreased based on the distance above the Free Throw line.

b. When using the 'Quick Jumper' Skill, the success rate decrease according to the
shooting distance is not applied.

c. For CT, to consider balance with other positions, and play style, ‘Midshot Range Training+’ Mastery has been applied
that ignores the Quick Lob Catcher Mastery’s adjustments.

4. Skill Adjustments

- Floater Skill Key Changed

Changed to: Direction Key to the Post + V, F

- Shoot Fake Drive: speed ↑ added to Shoot Fake Drive Range ↑ Mastery

- One-step chip out stability/height increase added to One-step Chip Out Mastery Skill

Short Manual Dunk At Will Mastery Skill Added

5. System Improvements
All regular match (3 vs 3) Time Changed (5 Minutes -> 4 Minutes)
- Turn based fixed shots improved
- Balls bouncing off excessively when shooting
in certain matches has been fixed

These are the details for the July Balance Patch.

We can't count all your efforts, however since the balance
patch progresses a downgrade.

We will proceed with the compensation by the criteria below.

Audience: Freestyle 2 Users who played our game for the recent 3 years

Criteria: Grades given and number of coins given based on Play Counts + Payments

Coin rewards can be found in the Coin Shop that will be added
after our maintenance on 7/21,

Coins can be used to exchange for various items.

Note: Coins given is only a one time-courtesy for all users.

In addition, Please login to the game between 7/21 after Maintenance
~ 8/3 Before Maintenance to receive 20 Premium Sub Atts.

We will listen to your feedbacks to create a better game environment.

Thank you.