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1st Balance HotFix

NO.13666 | Date: 2021-07-28 01:28:06

 Hello This is Freestyle 2 Developer.
A week has passed from our July Balance Patch.
We have gathered the Play Data for each Position 
and reviewed the parts that we can improve.
We have prepared a 1st HotFix for the Balance Patch
on our 7/28 Weekly Maintenance.
Please check the details below to avoid any difficulties in playing the game.

Today’s Hotfix will be mainly based on the improvements for the SG Position.
We will make the improvements to create a more Inside Drive in and
outside play rather than a previous play style.
In addition, to make our patch more stabilized, we will continue to improve
our balance through HotFix.

Therefore, please give us various feedbacks for our balance patch.

Please note that the masteries for SG/SF Positions wiil be reset after the HotFix patch.

1. BackRoll Turn Master Logic improvements 
A. In case of Back Roll Turn Master Timing Fake, if the opponent is half marked,
Decreate Rate for Timing Fake Resistance increase 5% max
B. In case of Back Roll Turn Master Ankle Break, if a shot is released Defense resistance hugely decreased
  - In a case when the defender gets an Ankle break in front of the offender, the phenomenon that
the resistance is still applied has been fixed.
2. Swing&Swing Mastery Improvements
A. Mastery Level 1, Long Layup: range↑ +8 Added in default
 - Mastery Level 3, Long Layup: range↑ +8 Removed
B. Mastery Level 5, in Floater Success Rate ↑ Skill, Long Layup: range↑ +4 Added 
C. Mastery Level 5, Spin and Drive Skill Added
D. Midshot Strengthened
 - Midshot has been decreased and Midshot related Stats have been adjusted in the Drift Mastery Skill 
E. Mastery Level 7, Drift Pass & Run Skill, Moving Speed increase after Drift Pass 20 Added

3. Short Intercept Mastery Skill Stat Improved 
A. Steal +4 -> +10
B. Pass +4 -> +15 

1. Post Up Jumper Mastery Improvements

 A. Mastery Level 7, Drive-in Dribble Master Skill, Drive: speed↑ +2
 B. All skills in Mastery Level 10, that had Move: speed↑ Adjusted.
   - Move: speed↑ 4 > 5 
C. Mastery Level 10, Double Clutch Fade Away Skill, Move: speed↑ 5 Added 

1. Hesitation Mastery Improvements

A. Mastery Level 5, Skill Improvements 
 - Stamina Consumption Approximately 40% Reduced 

1. Pass & run Skill Downgrade

- Stamina Consumption increased

1. Quick Rob Catcher Mastery

- Mastery Level 10, Long Dunk Manual Block Master, 
Long Dunk Manual Block Range Increase +33 Added

This is the end of our details in our 1st HotFix for our Balance Patch
We will keep getting more suggestions from our users and
review our data more to balance the positions.
However, our ballers need to get more used to the 1st Balance Patch
and since the related play data should be accumulated enough
for our developing team to review and make a better directions,
please understand that we would need some time.
Please give your suggestions to our support team.
We always thank you

- Freestyle 2 Development Team