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2016.Jan.13th Patch Note

NO.2862 | Date: 2016-01-13 02:48:34

Hello, Ballers!
This is the project Manager of Freestyle2, Lucy! 
Please check out the notes below for the details of the game update today!
1.'Post up keeping’ state has been added
Now you can use new motion : Post up keeping by press [W] without pressing
any direction key right after receiving the ball.
All positions can use ‘Post up keeping’ now, and Control Tower can use
the exclusive skill [Hand To Hand] right after [Post up keeping] motion.

2. New Position: Control Tower / Dual Guard

A. What is Control Tower and Dual Guard? 
Control Tower is often called the 'Passing Center'.
This position has both a Centers Rebound ability and PG's Passing ability.
Dual Guard specializes in driving skills and has both the SF’s and SG's abilities.
B. How to create CT/DG?
1 .In order to these positions, player must have a certain position character
with lv12 or above in his account.

2. It must be created with Lv.12 character. (Basic or Special Character)

Special Characters

** You can't create CT/DG/SW with buzzer beater character because
there is no Lv.12 buzzer beater coupon.

**lv12 basic character. (Costs 48,000 Points to create lv.12 basic character.)

C. New special skills for CT

1. Deny Intercept (lv.8)
Automatically catch the ball when you defend a pass
2. Pass And Run (lv.16)
Make a short dash after making a pass
3. Power Tab Pass (lv.28)
Tap the ball towards your teammate denying the opponents
4 .Hand To Hand Pass (lv.36)
Pass to a teammate while in a post up keeping position
(hold [W] key in Triple Threat state)
D. New special skills for DG
1. Rolling Diving Catch (lv.6)
-Catch a loose ball by somersaulting for it
** This skill’s catch distance is longer than PG’s Diving catch.
2. Pass And Run (lv.16)
Make a short dash after making a pass
3. No Mark Shot (lv.28)
Increases your chance to make a shot when you are not defended
4. Jump Shoot & Pass (lv.36)
Pass during a fake jump shot 
3. Star Channel Update
Channel was divided by 2 channels due to the increasing users of the Lv.25~39
by new position. But after monitoring, it can be combined again. 
Channels division is as follows: 
[Pro: Lv. 25~39/ Star: Lv. 40~50] 

4. Match reward system update
Instead of getting the reward by opening the box, items will be given to the
locker directly after match.

5. Card sub-attribute changer system has been closed
This function is not available anymore. 
6. New player care system
Tutorial system for new player has been updated.
It will teach you how to equip skills, purchase skills and use attribute point in detail.
This system is only for the users whose highest level of characters is below Lv.6.

7. Megaphone Update
The speed of in-game Megaphone motion has been adjusted.
If the content of your message is short, the text on your megaphone will not move.
8. Black Lightning SP Uniform pkg
Did you know you can make any of the new positions (DG/SW/CT) 
with Black Lightning SPCs?
This is the great chance! Because you can buy the most awesome
exclusive SPC uniform package! Check out the awesome package
9. Sakun Outfit Capsule
You can get the unique Sakun outfit through the capsule! 
Sakun attribute is +7 but adding attribute on Sakun outfit is cheaper than Rare items! 
Check out this:

10. Make your own Items! Event
You want to get an Animation item in DIY system but it is too hard?
Get new Animation items during the event period!
There are 2 special items you can get ONLY in this event.
Some of materials can be acquired ONLY in DIY Material Random Box.
You can get DIY Material Random Box by playing 4 times in team match or just purchase it with 30 Gkash!
Check this out for more information:
11. Shop item update
Mileage shop and item shop was updated.
Check out the new outfits for January at:

12. Log-in 7 Days Straight!

Login everyday and get what you want! If you miss a day for log-in,
it will go back to Day 1 because it’s Cumulative Log-in Event!  
Please keep in mind!
** If you claim a reward, it will reset to Day 1.
So you need to wait and log-in until you can get an item you want!
Check this link for the rewards for this event:

13.FS Time
This Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Enjoy 100%+ Exp & Point Buff!
Check this out for more details: