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2016.04.14th.Patch Notes

NO.2981 | Date: 2016-04-14 07:24:54

A. Power Forward
1) 3pt shot attribute reduced
PF 3pt Shot Main attributes will change 102 -> 89

2) [ SP 3pt Shot II ] Skill will change to [ SP 3pt Shot I ]
If you bought the [ SP 3pt Shot II ] skill for a PF position
character before Apr 13, you will get a refund of 22,000 points
and the [ SP 3pt Shot II ] skill will be removed.

3)During the Box Out Swarm skill, you can use Rebound
related skills such as Chip Out and  Tab Pass

B. Control Tower
1) Main Attributes changed
2) [Power Tab Pass]: Skill effective height increased. 
So you can Tab out higher balls than before.

C. Swing Man
1) Main Attributes changed
2) Success rate of [Scoop Shot] skill increased.

D. Dual Guard
1) Main Attributes changed


We have been planned and developed 3 big Crew Updates since last year,
and we hope you guys like it!
1. Crew League: updated on February 15th
2. Brand new Crew system: opens today!
3. Emblem/Uniform Customizing system: coming soon.

-The Crew page now shows the Crew Master, Vice Crew Master,
and Star Player.
-Using the crew coins you can purchase buffs which will benefit all the
Crew Members.
-Crew Coins can be acquired by Crew Log-in missions and Crew matches
(3 Crew members match). 

- You may check this link for more information about the Crew System Update:

The ELO system for characters Lv.24 and above will be more accurate in terms of
matchmaking against other opponents.
After leveling-up to 24, the ELO of the characters will be lower temporarily.
So you can play matches with other ballers with the same skill level when you
enter the Pro channel for the first time.

Simon Rick's 'Dunk-at-Will (Manual)' motion has been modified due to
frequent block success.

Golden bell will now gives 20 minutes 20% EXP and Point BUFF.
For a limited time only, you can get a special Event title by clearing these missions!

For more information, check this notice

Event Details:
Stack up and heap awesome free items with your stacked GKASH spendings!
Simply purchase  500 Gkash up to 7,000 Gkash worth of in-game items from 
April 10 to May 10 (before the maintenance) and obtain rewards!
Check this link for the rewards:
Check out these new outfits available only in the in-game shop!
Aside from martial arts, Pandas can play Street Basketball too!
Collect these limited edition Panda outfits only available in the 
Bamboo Panda Capsule!

This Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Enjoy 100%+ Exp & Point Buff!
Click this link for the schedule:
Consecutive login reward event! Login every day until you get what you want!
Visit this link for the reward list: