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2016.Mar.16th.Patch Note

NO.2937 | Date: 2016-03-16 05:32:51

1. Channel Merged
Rookie & Major Channel will be merged.
But don’t worry! The ELO system has been improved upon this
channel merge, so you will not be facing teams that are too strong.
-New & existing baller ELO rating system update
Default ELO points will be changed according to the Baller’s status
and highest character level
a. New baller’s ELO default point / minimum point : 300 ELO points
  - Even if you keep losing, ELO point won’t go down below 300 ELO points.
b. Default points for the ballers who do not have a character
over Lv.20 in their account : 700 ELO points
c. Default points for ballers who have characters
over Lv.20 in their account : 1000 ELO points
ELO system now counts the points based on the highest character level in
your account.
2. Crew League Tier info has been added
- Now you can check your Crew Tier any time.

3. Back/Waist items have been separated. 

Now you can wear both Back Accs. and Waist Accs. together
starting from this patch.
For example, you can now wear the Champion belt and
Crew league Cape together!
But you will no longer be able to add attributes to waist item anymore. 
If you already added Back Accs. attribute Coupon-Avoid Block from
DIY system on to your Waist Accs. before this patch, your attribute
will be removed and an Attribute Coupon will be placed in your Gift box.
Applicable items are as follows:
- FS2 Champion Belt 
- Duck Tube 

4. Team Slam Release!
- Team Slam premium package limited sale!
There are new Special Characters and a premium package!
Don’t miss out on this special chance for a Skill slot, Points, or
Premium random card box!
- Team Slam 30% special sale!
30% sale on the Team Slam coupon for 2 weeks only!
Now is the best chance for buying a premium package if you have
been hesitating!

Are you tired of your second character? Or did you create a new character today?
There is a BIG Level Up Event for everyone!
When can you get the Reward?
You’ll get it during the weekly maintenance after the event!
You can get various benefits such as 1000 Gkash, Skill slot, etc! 
Only for 2 weeks! This is the only chance to the real Kung fu Master outfit!

Are you in need of cash? Buy a Point Wallet and get free cash or get the
Cash Wallet where you can get up to 3 times the return plus 50,000 points!
Think hard and fast because you only have 1 week.

Play a game, Stay log in, collect SP Box keys earns free items from the SP Random box!