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2016.06.8th Patch Notes

NO.3054 | Date: 2016-06-08 08:50:35

Hi! I’m Lucy! FS2 has been in service for 2 years already!
Thank you! Each and every baller that has been playing FS2 for 2 years now,
it’s been 10 years if you have been playing since FS1 Sierra Online!

I joined the FS2 Department when FS2 Gamekiss service started 2 years ago,
and I feel like I’m growing together with you ballers! 
I have been working on the 2nd year anniversary updates recently and have been
trying my best to make sure that each and every baller will be happy and amazed.

Please check our new system and free giveaways! 

Crew Emblem and Uniform Customization has been added to the crew system!
You may check this game guide to know more:

-Jack’s (From Buzzer Beater) dunk motion will be replaced

-Jack’s Dunk  will be harder to block.


In order to compensate the ability gap for ballers who enter Pro Channel
for the first time, the matching ELO value will be decreased temporarily when
they reach Lv.24.

Hacking prevention system has been upgraded. Let’s have a fair match

Loading time shorten by multi-loading some files during initial loading screen. 

Do you want to add additional attribute on your card? 
Why not try it on the new feature of the card system.

Following system has been translated in Japanese.
1.Crew system
2.Crew emblem/Uniform customizing
3.Ranked mode
4.All attributes/ skill names changed to English because some Japanese translation was too long.
5.Ace of Wulin event & other events

Ace of Wulin is the the first Premium Character team that has a full voice!
Also, it comes with special features such as Exclusive ceremony/
Moving Bird (accessory) / Exclusive Freestyle skills (4 stars)/
Exclusive skill motion/ Uniform.
Please see the event notice for the details :

Is there any way to get Ace of Wulin Character for free? Of course, Yes. 
You can get Ace of Wulin Event Ticket for free if you log-in for 2 weeks!
Try 1 ticket draw every day for free!

Event link:

Happy 2nd year Anniversary! I prepared an event for all of you ballers!
Don’t miss the special rewards!
Check out the new items available in the in-game Shop


Check out this sizzling red glow skeleton outfit only available in the Capsule 
shop for limited time only!


Do you want to obtain breathtaking skill or SPC Vending Machine tickets?
Then this event is what you are looking for!

This Saturday and Sunday enjoy free items and EXP coupons.