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2016.07.6th Patch Notes

NO.3090 | Date: 2016-07-06 04:08:51

Hello, Ballers!

This is the project Manager of Freestyle2, Lucy! 
We have prepared very big update this time, so please check out the notes below
for the details of the game update today!
[1] Play Balance Update

One ‘Training Reset’ and ‘Character Specialty Changer’ will be given to all
the ballers that log-in within the event period from 7/06 ~ 08/02 23:59 once
per account.

1) Defense action resist values towards Jump Shots have been adjusted
- The success rate of Jump Shots has been increased by adjusting the
resistance value of defense actions.
- Defense action resist values towards Jump Shots have been  
adjusted accordingly.

- Stand: The defense value of standing in front of the shooter has decreased.
- Block Up: The defense value when the defender jumps up to Block has increased.
- Block Down: The defense value when the defender is falling down after a
Block has decreased.

1> Scorer’s (SF, SW, SG, DG) Main stats have been adjusted.





** Stats are set according to Balance Type characters.

1) The effectiveness of the skill Post Push has increased to create more dynamic
situations under the basket. A Character who equipped [Post Push] Skill will be
able to push other players effectively. If both character equipped Post Push skill,
they will push them each other.
2) The Control Tower position can now buy the Post Push Skill from the Skill Shop!

1) C, CT, SW, DG Positions Direct Pass button (Q & E) allocating priority has
Priority Before: C > PF > SF > PG > SG > CT > SW > DG 
Priority Now: C > PF > CT > SF > SW > SG > DG > PG 
** ‘Q’ button will be assigned to the teammate with higher priority.

2) Running Pass motion will be added
Now you can pass the ball to other players smoothly while you dash.

Cool time has been added to Screen.

After performing the actions below, there will now be a cool time delay
to use Screen again. This is to prevent users from over using it. 
1) After Collision with the opponent while in Screen
2) After finishing using Screen
3) After using the Pick & Move Skill
4) After using Pass& Run
**The length of the cool time is 0.8 seconds
The following warning effect appears if Screen is used during cool time.

First and foremost, we would like to thank IGN: Left-Eye for reporting
Spin Move Layup Skill issue to the FS2 team. We have reviewed this skill
several times over and over (this process took a long time!)  and
reworked it! Here is what we changed!

1) Spin Move Layup can now be performed easier.
The activation range of Spin Move Layup is now wider! 
Before: Spin Move Layup was difficult to activate because the arrow keys
had to be within 90 degrees when your character is facing the basket.  
Now: Spin Move Layup has become much easier to use as the activating
angle has widened to 180 degrees. Now you can use any arrow key
regardless of what angle your character is facing the basket as long as
your character is inside the range to do a Layup. Press any direction
key you wish to do a Spin Move Layup! 
2) Spin Move Layup & Manual Layup Combination update
After equipping Manual Layup skill, pressing arrow key + D towards
the basket during a Spin Move Layup lets you connect with a Manual Layup.

You now have the freedom to choose ANY DIRECTION (check the GIF above)
for the Manual Layup after using a Spin Move Layup. You no longer need to
connect with a Manual Layup in the same direction. 
Before the patch, you could connect Spin Move Layups to a Manual Layup only
in the same direction as the Spin Move Layup. This makes the move very
predictable. Now you can connect those two skills and change the direction of
your Manual layup to whichever direction you wish. This makes it much harder
for the defense to Block your skill as it is now more difficult to predict which
direction you’re going to connect with a Manual Layup. 

Standard Height is set for each position
1) Eliminate performance differences coming from Height by setting a
standard height for each position. Most heights of each position have been
increased.  Now you can buy your characters and customize them any way
you want without having to worry about your character’s height affecting your
gaming performance. 

2) All actions involving jumping have been adjusted to the above Standard Height.
This includes things such as Jump Shot release points, Block attempt heights,
Rebound attempt heights, etc. The distance of all Dribbling/Running moves have
also been adjusted according to the Standard Height. This includes Dash, Drive etc.
This means all positions will perform equally, regardless of how tall your
character is.
3) Height and Distance values are adjusted with no difference between female
and male characters.
4) All SPC Signature Shot’s release points are set according to the
Characters Height NOT the Standard Height mentioned above. (EXCEPTION)
5) Every Character’s Animation (moving) performances
(Speed/Distance/Turning Angle, etc.) have been increased.

Extra patterns of ball trajectory added to shots that miss and bounce
off the Rim.This requires users to look out for more various rebound patterns.
This patch will make using the Post Push and Box Out skills much more
important than before.

[2] Japanese Language Update
Contents that were not added in previous patch have been updated

[3] Captcha system (Test!)
We understand that there is a problem with AFK rooms in FS2.
In order to alleviate this we are adding a system where a captcha
will pop up randomly when you are in the waiting court. 
The user cannot enter matches for a limited time if they fail to
insert the correct Captcha.
This is a new system and currently undergoing testing, the permanent
use of this feature will be determined by the communities vote.

VS Mode is a brand new 1v1 PVP mode that opens every Saturday/Sunday for 24 hours.  
Special Item “Challenge M2 King’s Mask (30D)” will be rewarded to users that rank
1st~10th in VS Mode. Get your game face on in the weekends!
Detailed information in following link:

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