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2016.08.3rd Patch Notes

NO.3136 | Date: 2016-08-03 03:13:49


-Performing a certain action inside the channel lobby increased lag significantly.
It has been updated so that while inside the channel lobby the framerate does
not decrease below a certain point  regardless of any action performed. 

- Players should be able to play normal game after a short period of time
if the game and shot clock timer gets stuck.
-Hack monitoring system now collects a larger range of abnormal skills and
movements. It now collects a more detailed and thorough data log that allows
for closer inspection.

The original voices for the Wulin characters have been remastered. 
Certain character voices having low volume have also been resolved.

Locations of certain buttons that used to overlap have been adjusted.

Card Sub Attribute Changer is available again in the Card System.
However, Card Sub Attribute Changer item can only be obtained from the event.
You cannot purchase the said item directly in the Change Attributes tab of the
Card system.

Get a maximum of 50 Card Balls for only 550 Gkash.
(X5 more balls than original amount!)
Just login for 20 out of 30 days to receive all 50 Card Balls! Don’t miss out!

Certain items in the point ball rewards will be deleted and sold in the shop.
New rare rank clothes have been added to the point ball rewards.

Updated Items
Item Name
Hawaiian Surfer Top (Attri.7D)
Tropical Printed Boardshorts (Attri.7D)
Soft Dread Extension
Sakun Smile Cat Doll 2.0
Sakun Smile Cat Doll 1.0
Point Ball Item Update:

Deleted Items
Item Name
Gingerbread man
Flexible Snickers
Rare Tops
Rare Bottoms
Oxford Flat Shoes
Sporty High-Top
Beach Sandals
Box of Vietnamese Hair
Rare Hair Box
Best Sailor Hat
Rare Sporty (7d)
Deleted and moved to in-game shop

Did you just purchase the SP Magic Ball Package? 
Then you’ll probably need a lot of Sub Attribute Changers and
Prism Card++ won’t you?
Here, I’ll give you 3 Sub Attribute Changers for free.
Oh, yeah don’t forget to get your free Gold Core too!

The items sold in the Epic Deal shop will be replaced.
The Epic Deal shop will now be a permanent feature of FS2 and no longer an event.

Billy’s Epic Deal Shop: For New Players Only
How to get this ticket?
-If you are a New Player and just reached level. 6 for the first time, 
Billy will send you a ticket so you can open his secret shop.

Clara’s Epic Deal Shop: For every Baller!

How to get this ticket?
-You can get this ticket by playing a match only in the
PRO CHANNEL as a Match reward
it has a low chance to appear so play a lot of matches in Pro Channel! 

Be cryptic adventure of FS2 court with this new outfit only available in the 
Capsule Shop for limited time only!

Login 7 days to receive a Sub Attribute Changer! Login every day! 

Play a match, Collect the letters, Control the rebound and win tons of prizes in 
Liu’s Summer Match!

Check out this new outfits available this August!