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2015.Nov.11th patch note

NO.780 | Date: 2015-11-11 23:08:12

Hello, Ballers!
It’s me the project Manager of Freestyle2, Lucy. (Known as GM Lucy :D)

I will be uploading the patch notes after the game update, so that everyone knows what has been changed,
added and updated.
The FS2 team has prepared several events/updates which many ballers can enjoy,
so please check out the notes below for more details!

1.     Japanese String update

Most of the incorrect Japanese texts have been corrected. It took a long time to review
since I had to check it all one by one. It should be way much better now.

2.     System message have been modified.

Don’t you get annoyed having tons of VIP membership system messages popup?
Here is what we changed in regards to the system messaging on this update.

Before Update

- Acquiring legend rank card.
- Successfully done the final (9th) upgrade for Legend rank card.
- Acquiring Rare FX Outfit.
- Becoming a VIP member.


-       Acquiring legend rank card.
-       Acquiring Rare FX Outfit.

3.     Limited time offer: Point Capsule

 Notice link:

We noticed that Some Pro Ballers have large amounts of points. What can they do with that?
Wouldn’t our event be more enjoyable for all the Ballers if they can get capsule items for free?

With this idea in mind we designed a new event so that new capsule items which are supposed to be
purchased by Gkash only will now be purchasable by points.
It would be really great if you can get some Gkash items using points!
Even Sakun Thunder Raglan Pkg sells at 1890 Gkash at item store! Grab this chance!

4.     Fs Time Event

Notice link:

Do you want to buy a Point Capsule but lack points?
Then Fri-Sat-Sun FS Time will be a nice chance for you! You can get 200% of Exp. And Points for 6 hours a day!

5.     Log-in 2weeks!

Notice link:

If you want to get an Item ball and Card ball for free, Log-in everyday for 2 weeks!
It’s a good opportunity to get tons of free Gkash items! Don’t miss it!

6.     Limited time offer: Skydivers Sets

Notice link:

Enjoy FS2 with a new fashion set. Rare outfit sets and shoes are launching at a low price and as a package bundle.

7.     Item Ball 10+1

Notice link:

When you open 10 Item balls, get 1 as an additional ball for free!This is a good chance if you wanted to acquire
new items from the item ball! If you open 50 Item balls, 5 more itemballs are free!

8.     Complete the puzzle

 Notice link:

Complete the puzzle and get an Item! You can get a piece of puzzle when you play a match.
Who is the male character in the puzzle? Find out in Challenge Mode! It’s a hidden Special Character!

9.     Shop item update

Notice link:

Sakun items and in-game shop items have been updated. Become more fashionable with the new Sakun masks!
There are also new outfit sets waiting for you in Mileage shop. You can see Kings Smart set and Sporty Hot set!


There are a lot of updates this November! I hope you enjoy them all also the crew tournament.
I will see you all later on the next Patch Note!