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2015.Dec.2nd Patch Note

NO.809 | Date: 2015-12-02 00:59:21

Hello, Ballers!

This is the project Manager of Freestyle2, Lucy!
(You can still call me GM lucy if you want ♥)
I have prepared things you ballers really wanted, such as ‘new position’, 
‘Grace’s Wallet’, ‘New character’, ‘Roll the dice’, ‘reporting system’
and so on! (yes, FREE Gkash too!)
So many reasons why we have to play Freestyle2 this month! 
Please check out the notes below for more details!

1. New Position: Swingman

A. What is Swingman? 
>It specialized in driving skills and has both the SF’s and SG’s abilities.

B. How to create SW?
1.In order to make Swingman Position, player must have a
SG or SF character with lv12 or above in his account.
2.It Must be created with lv12 character. (Basic or Special Character) 

1) SPC
Players should purchase lv.12 SPC Coupon
SW position SPC can be created:
- Naughty Kitties: Ginger/ Nicki
- Black Lightning: James Kim
- The West: Ox Queen
- Noble: Robert
** You can't create SW with buzzer beater character because there is no lv12 buzzer beater coupon.

3) lv12 basic character. (Costs 48,000 Points to create lv.12 basic character.)

C. New special skills only for SW

1.Tripping Prevention (lv.16)
No tripping while drive collision
2.Post Up Drive Combo (lv.24)
Able to connect to various dribble while post up drive
3.Side Hop Step (lv.30)
While in Drive Dribble, jump toward the side quickly to keep distance from defender
4.Scoop Shot (lv.34)
Layup shot with an underhand scooping motion

D. SW Suggested Card
- SP edition #3~#5 (Legend, Pro)
- Summer Rafting (Legend, Pro)
- The Witch (Legend, Pro)
- I’m Here (Legend, Pro)
- Toy Edition #1 ~#5 (Legend, Rookie)
And so on!

2. Card Related

A. Card skill bug fix
The card skill has been updated. We have fixed some issues related to card skill
and now you should be able to use it. You can use certain skill once you complete
the card deck!

It doesn’t matter which position you are! 

Card Name Rank Level Card Skill
(activates when you
complete the Card deck)
Wanna play? Legend Pro Post up Quick Change
War of Court Legend Pro Pick & Move
I'm here Legend Pro Quick Change
Play together Legend Pro Double Clutch
The Witch Legend Pro Pull-up Jumper

B.  Card ball update
1. Fly to the Sky (Offense/Defense/Talent)
2. Summer Rafting (Offense/Defense/Talent) << Specialized Card for Swingman Position
6 cards have been added to card ball.

C. Card Fusion

Players were not able to get these cards from Card Fusion because of minor bug.
These cards have been newly added to Fusion card result list, so players should
be able to get these cards from Card Fusion after this update.

Card Name Rank Level
Wanna play? Legend Pro
War of Court Legend Pro
I'm here Legend Pro
Play together Legend Pro
The Witch Legend Pro
Summer Refting Legend Pro
The Interview Legend Major
Fly to the Sky Legend Major
Good Neighbors Legend Major
Legend Corps Legend Major
The Friendship Legend Major
Time-out Legend Major
New challenger Legend Major

3. Reporting Players
Now you can report players directly after the match.
You do not have to send additional report beside this.
1. You can report ill-mannered or hack users you played a match with. 
(Only recent 5 matches)
2. You can report same character only once per a day.
3. Please write a report with detailed description. 
Ex) please check [3:24] from this match’s replay file. He is sliding too much!
Once you report, server will automatically send us the replay file of
suspicious player’s match.

FS2 GM team will review and check/update how many times each player
has been reported.

4. Xigncode has been added.
We changed our Anti-cheat engine from Hackshield to Xigncode.
This anti cheat engine is commonly used in many online games and is updated
constantly whenever especially when they find new illegal programs.

The FS2 team is taking rapid action against the hackers and we are trying our best so
that honest Ballers are not affected by these hackers.

We will keep updating our Anti-cheat engine from time to time. 
If you have any issues related to Xigncode, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

5. OX Queen Update

Ballers be ready! The "Ox Queen" is here to show off her Swingman Skills! 
She will be joining the “West” SPC!

6. Grace’s Enchanted Point Wallet

Need points and GKash?
No worries! You can get FREE Event Cash and free points from this
Enchanted Wallet!

7. Reindeer Christmas Package

Get this Reindeer X-mas Pkg for limited time only and Be Santa’s favorite Reindeer this season!

8. Roll the Dice!

Be a mighty baller that is powerful as a horse with this Gold Horse head from the
Roll the Dice event!

9. FS Time!

This Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Enjoy 200%+ Exp& Point Buff!

Ready to enjoy?
Let’s have fun together and I’ll see you guys soon in the Game Lobby!