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Draft Event Season 4

NO.16718 | Date: 2023-03-15 14:23:32

Here's the fourth season of Draft Event! Our exclusive characters are now
available as Rising Characters to 
FreeStyle2 Court.
Event Period:

03/15/2023 ~

Event Mechanics:

Draft System

Which SPC you wanna get?

- Jake
- Dominic
- Draft Violet
- Draft Golden
- Draft Nari
- Draft Noah
- Draft Mika
- Draft DEACON
- Draft Charlotte
- Draft Elias
- Draft Razak
- Draft Cabernet
- (Queen) Alice
- Coyote
- Ali
* Transformation and Parts characters will be granted while holding all of
the abilities or items.

Important Reminders
1. The character changer can be used once the draft event has ended.
2. Character changer can't be used for returnee event character.
    Note: Returnee Event = Back to the Court
3. For Characters that were created via Crazy 5 days, and Draft Event,
    users must complete their pending missions before they can use the
    Character Changer item.
4. Characters currently training in Growth Mode are not eligible.
5. If the character has an equipped skin.
Note: They will be granted while holding the Parts and not the transformation
abilities of Draft Golden, Draft Violet, Draft Cabernet, Draft Nari, Draft Razak,
Draft Elias, and Draft Charlotte.
* You can use the points to change the final reward to a reward you like
(Wild Rookies, The Devil's Door, Draft, etc)
* The result reward can be received by any of the characters in the account,
and the character changer will be given as a character reward.
Reward Character List


Package Content
Draft Beginner Package Legendary Wish Box x3, Sub Att. x5, and Draft Character Basic Att. Parts Ticket
Draft Intermediate Package AllStar Pro Wish Box x3, Sub Att. x10, and Draft Character Extra Att. Parts Ticket
Draft Expert Package AllStar Wish Box x3, and Sub Att. x10
All FreeStyle 3-Star Random Box A random box containing a 3-star FreeStyle with eased position restrictions, and usage conditions.
All FreeStyle 4-Star Random Box A random box containing a 4-Star FreeStyle with eased position restrictions, and usage conditions.
Fx FreeStyle Legend Wish Box This can be exchanged for any 4-Star FreeStyle you want.

- FreeStyle2 Team